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They say nothing in life is free… but this is. You can obtain free training courses for your employees and management team!

They say nothing in life is free… but this is. You can obtain free training courses for your employees and management team!

We ensure success through training and development in areas such as: 

    • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment
    • Workplace Compliance and Record Keeping
    • Performance Management
    • Absence Management and Time Off
    • Hiring for Success
    • Total Rewards
    • … and many other topics

Ross Insight Solutions is an approved training provider for the Workforce Training Fund Express Program. If you are a Massachusetts employer with 100 employees or less, you can hire us to provide these valuable courses to you and your team and get reimbursed 100% of the cost of the training! Each company is eligible for up to $20,000 per year and up to $3,000 per employee per course. We will even help walk you through the simple grant application process. Check out the course descriptions below and let’s get started!

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

This course will help managers/supervisors understand federal and state discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment laws, and ways to ensure compliance and avoid liability. It will detail how to recognize, report, and investigate harassment, discrimination and retaliation with the goal of creating a harassment free & respectful workplace.

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Absence Management and Time Off: State & Federal

Learn to navigate the complex areas of vacation and sick time, PTO, meal/break periods, Americans with Disabilities Act, worker’s compensation, and all the different leaves of absence. Determine what triggers and qualifies for the various types of time off and leaves of absence and ensure your processes are legally compliant. Includes review of FMLA, MA PFML, WC, ADA, and more.

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Performance Management

The management of performance is one of the most important responsibilities that managers have – it is also perceived as one of the more burdensome. Doing this well can help alleviate many potential problems and free you up to focus on more important work than handling problem employees and trying to fill continuous vacancies. This course will help you identify and review key points of the performance management cycle including goal setting, holding employees accountable, coaching for performance, performance improvement, corrective action, legally compliant terminations, and the performance evaluation process. Tools and resources along with templates will be provided. 

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Hiring for Success

Hiring for Success is beneficial for employers and their employees. Hire the right candidate and stop paying to train the wrong ones. This course will walk you all the steps in the hiring process, including determining the skills and requirements of the role, posting and advertising, screening resumes, interview questions with legal dos and don’ts, presenting the offer, and the initial onboarding process.

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Total Rewards

What constitutes Total Rewards? From the perspective of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), this course will give an overview on how organizations can compensate and motivate their employees beyond just salary or wages. These rewards include direct financial compensation (base pay, bonuses, commissions), benefits (health and dental insurance, retirement plans, etc.), and non-financial rewards (recognition, flexibility and work-life balance, career development). This program focuses on how employers can maximize total rewards to improve employee performance, retention and engagement.

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Career Development, Mentoring and Succession Planning

This course is an overview of the importance of career development, mentoring, and succession planning in organizational success. It highlights how these practices contribute to employee engagement and retention, as well as organizational continuity. Learn to establish programs to educate and develop employees, create structure around the different career paths within organizations, implement various strategies for advancing careers through continuous learning, and the use and benefits of mentoring and succession planning programs.

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Workplace Compliance and Record Keeping

This course begins with an overview of the importance of compliance with workplace laws, regulations, and internal policies. It emphasizes the critical role of accurate record keeping in ensuring legal compliance, promoting transparency, and mitigating risks for organizations. The topics will include policies, employee relations, employee data privacy and security, and the importance of audits and reporting mechanisms.

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Workplace Flexibility, Wellness, & Health

This course will explore the three key pillars of a thriving workplace: flexibility, wellness, and safety. By identifying and prioritizing these aspects, employers can create an environment where employees feel empowered, supported, and able to give their best. Understand the importance of mental and physical well-being, the impact of stress on the work and the workplace, and the effects on productivity when you foster a culture of trust and autonomy.

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