Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition has shifted significantly in the wake of the “Great Resignation.” There’s a fascinating dichotomy happening that those of us in HR, even those who have been doing this work for decades, have never seen before.

On the one hand, there are layoffs in various industries and companies. On the other hand, it is still quite challenging to fill certain positions. Sometimes, these are even happening in the same company – while laying off in one segment, they’re struggling to hire in another. Unfortunately, the skills of those who are being let go are not always transferable to the areas where people are needed.

A strong

onboarding process 

can improve

new hire retention

by 82%


When it comes to Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, bear in mind the following:

  • The talent acquisition and onboarding process should be intentional and designed to hire and retain the best possible employees for your company. 
  • As a business, you have the ability to shape your “employer brand” – the culture and image of your company. This tells potential employees what your company is about and what it’s like to work there. 
  • Create a compelling job posting… one that clearly defines the job, but also excites potential candidates to want to work for your company.
  • Consider where and how you will find top level candidates. Just posting the job on the usual channels won’t necessarily reach the best people for your particular job openings. 
  • Plan all aspects of the “candidate experience,” from completing the application through the hiring process. This should be as smooth and easy as possible. 
  • Effective screenings, interviews, references, and background checks are important to ensure you are hiring the best available candidate.  
  • Having a well thought out and well executed onboarding process is also a critical element of a new employee’s performance, success, retention and engagement. 

There are many ways that companies can improve their hiring and onboarding programs and boost employee retention in the process.

Unsure about what’s involved with onboarding? 

We can help. 

Carolyn Ross

Carolyn Ross


As the world of work is changing at an ever-increasing pace, it is crucial for small and mid-sized companies to stay informed and keep up with the latest HR trends and practices. Doing so can help keep the business compliant, viable, healthy and growing, and make it a better place for all to work in the process.  


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