Workplace Culture

What is Workplace Culture? According to Indeed, “Work culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the regular atmosphere in a work environment. Healthy workplace cultures align employee behaviors and company policies with the overall goals of the company, while also considering the well-being of individuals.”

People need to work in a healthy, supportive culture in order to be at their most productive and thrive. A toxic culture will choke off the success of your employees and your business. A flourishing, positive work culture influences all other aspects of the business and those within it.

Prove It!

Companies with a strong sense of purpose in their culture had a 55.6% higher rate of employee engagement.

~ Culture Amp’s Employee Experience Trends Report

Employees who are engaged are 37% more productive than employees who are not.

~ Dale Carnegie, Training Report

Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147% in earnings per share and have 81% lower absenteeism.

~ Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report

HR Should Be Front & Center

Culture not only impacts your company internally, but also externally – employees, potential employees, customers, your community, etc… especially in the age of the internet and social media. So, how do you create a positive, engaging culture? 

  • Define your core values and communicate those to your employees
  • Tie values, mission and vision to the work of each team member
  • Foster teamwork, collaboration, and positive communication
  • Lead by example and expect other managers to be role models, as well
  • Hire candidates who share your core values and approach and who will contribute positively to the workplace
  • Recognize and reward positive behavior
  • Determine your employee value proposition (EVP) and deliver on that
  • Celebrate success – both individual and team


are your

most valuable asset

Only people

can be made to 

appreciate in value. 

(Stephen Covey)

HR shouldn’t be an afterthought. 

Do you need to hire internal HR folks? Well… It depends. In many cases, HR consultants can help small and medium-sized businesses meet their needs without having to hire in-house or have someone available full-time. This can ensure compliance and effectiveness and meet all of your other HR needs in an affordable, scalable way. Additionally, you can intentionally create your company’s culture, thus ensuring that your brand reflects that in every touchpoint.

Ross Insight Solutions can help.

Carolyn Ross

Carolyn Ross


As the world of work is changing at an ever-increasing pace, it is crucial for small and mid-sized companies to stay informed and keep up with the latest HR trends and practices. Doing so can help keep the business compliant, viable, healthy and growing, and make it a better place for all to work in the process.  


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